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This timely, coming of age story follows Ava, a teenage girl whose life is dictated by the constraints of her conservative, patriarchal community in Tehran.

Charm City

During three years of unparalleled violence in Baltimore, Maryland, award-winning filmmaker Marilyn Ness takes viewers beyond the headlines and into the lives of community members, police, and government officials.

Facing the Dragon

Afghan-American filmmaker Sedika Mojadidi joins two awe-inspiring women on the front lines.

From Baghdad to the Bay

An Iraqi translator for the US military is wrongfully accused of being a double agent, and over the course of his interrogation by the military, his culturally forbidden sexuality comes to light. 

San Francisco

Jaha's Promise

Jaha's Promise is a touching story about a young girl's struggle to take control of her own body.

Naila and the Uprising

When an uprising breaks out in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in 1987, a young woman in Gaza must make a choice between love, family, and freedom.

On My Way Out

Roman (Popi) and Ruth (Nani) Blank have been married for 65 years, but at age 95, Roman reveals a secret that tests their seemingly invincible union, in Brandon and Skyler Gross' touching portrait of their grandparents.