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A La Calle captures the remarkable courage of the Venezuelan people as they unite to restore liberty, fundamental rights, and the rule of law


Film description: 

A La Calle is a first-hand account of the extraordinary efforts of Venezuelans to reclaim their democracy from the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro. 

Maduro’s policies have plunged the country into a political, economic, and humanitarian crisis. Working with a network of clandestine camera crews, the filmmakers spent three years with key figures, including opposition leader Leopoldo López, grassroots activist Nixon Leal and everyday citizens willing to share their experiences. A La Calle captures the remarkable courage of the Venezuelan people as they unite to restore liberty, fundamental rights, and the rule of law - all while facing the more immediate struggle for survival amid severe food, water and medical shortages.

“Each passing day and each test makes us understand that we have the inner strength and perseverance to get to that day of change.” Lilian Tintori, A La Calle



Nelson G. Navarrete

Co-Director and Producer

NELSON G. NAVARRETE (Director/Producer) was raised in Caracas, Venezuela, until the age of 15, when his family fled the country in the face of mounting political upheaval. He went on to study at San Francisco State University, where he received a B.A. in cinema. After graduating, Navarrete returned to Venezuela, where his groundbreaking music videos and short films helped shape the visual aesthetics of his generation. Collaborating with some of the most influential Latino rappers, including Canserbero and Lil Supa, he built an expansive network of creative partners including directors Scott Lazer and Miguel Ferrer and photographer ClaudioNapolitano. Navarrete has filmed in numerous international locations including Cambodia, Japan

Maxx Caicedo

Co-Director and Producer

MAXX CAICEDO (Director/Producer) leads business development as chief marketing officer of digital production company Vitamin, whose clients include Microsoft, HBO and Change.org. A second-generation Colombian-American, Caicedo studied at Tufts University, where he received his B.A. in political science and English literature before entering the Peace Corps to teach English and biology in Mozambique. In 2012, Caicedo joined Lake Research Partners as a political consultant representing Senator Mark Begich (Alaska), Congressman Jerry McNerney )California) and Congressman Michael Honda (California). He went on to partner with Essential Access Health to win the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Next Generation Condom Grant in 2015. A La Calle is Caicedo’s first feature documentary.

Cast and Crew:

Producers: Shawna Brakefield-Haase, Marcus Cheek
Executive Producers: Greg Little, Karen Lauder, Lizzie Friedman
Human Rights iImpact Producer: Bonnie Abaunza