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Imported For My Body

Wearing a hidden camera, Grace takes us into an underground world, where she spent six months paying a ‘debt’ to a cartel of madams and exposes a larger well-established network responsible for trafficking women from East and West Africa to India.

In My Blood It Runs

What is it like to be a smart 10-year-old aboriginal boy in a remote part of Australia where 100 percent of youth in detention centers are your people?


In the Executioner's Shadow

In the Executioner's Shadow casts a penetrating look at the consequences of the death penalty through three powerful stories.

Leftover Women

This eye-opening documentary follows three women in their gruelling quest to find a husband, weighing the cost of family and society’s approval against their own chances of happiness.

Midnight Traveler: London Benefit Gala

When the Taliban forces filmmakers and married couple Hassan Fazili and Fatima Hussaini to flee Afghanistan with their two daughters, they begin filming their time on the road, which includes running across borders, sleeping on roadsides, interacting with smugglers, and staying at multiple refugee camps along the way. 

London,  San Francisco

Nae Pasaran

 In solidarity against the brutal Chilean coup six months earlier, Scottish factory workers know where they stand.

Our Mothers (Nuestras Madres)

Winner of the Caméra d'Or (Cannes Film Festival, 2019) this beautifully rendered drama weaves a tale taking us from the dark past to a personal search for the truth.

Practice or Preach: Protest Anno 2020

Nonviolent mass movements are the primary challenges to governments today. Yet the success rates declined dramatically over the past decades. What makes or breaks a mass movement?

Radio Silence

To millions of people in Mexico, the incorruptible journalist and news anchor Carmen Aristegui is regarded as the trusted alternative voice to official government spin, fighting daily against deliberate disinformation spread through news sources, government corruption, and the related drugs trade. </span></p>

Slay the Dragon

Be inspired to get into the streets this election season as you follow an all-volunteer led organization go door to door to curb gerrymandering: The act of drawing district lines to lock in partisan advantage. Slay the Dragon chronicles the civic grit turning the tide in the battle for US democracy.  

The Kingmaker

Centered on the indomitable character of Imelda Marcos, The Kingmaker examines, with intimate access, the Marcos family’s improbable return to power in the Philippines.