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After the Fire

Following the unlawful killing of her younger brother by police in a suburb of Strasbourg, France, her family in mourning, Malika embarks on a legal battle for justice. However, her quest for truth is in danger of jeopardising her family. 

Bad Press

Without a free press how can our communities make decisions and uncover the truth? Bad Press follows one news outlet's fight to survive. When the elected leaders of the Muscogee Nation, the fourth largest Native American tribe, suddenly curb press freedom and give officials authority to edit all news stories before they reach the public, a rogue reporter fights to expose her government’s corruption in a historic battle that will have ramifications for all of Indian Country.

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Green Border

This stunning new drama by Academy-Award nominated Polish director Agnieszka Holland zeroes in on the human collateral and political opportunism at stake in Europe’s battle over migration.

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Inshallah a Boy

After the sudden death of her husband, Nawal is facing hardship. In the absence of legal documents, her brother-in-law swoops in to claim her assets, as well as guardianship of her young daughter.

Is There Anybody Out There?

Filmmaker Ella Glendining asks: "What does it take to love yourself fiercely as a disabled person in a non-disabled world?" Born with a rare disability, Ella Glendining searches the world for another person with a body that looks like hers. In the process, she challenges society’s ableist assumptions and demonstrates the infectious joy that can come from accepting ourselves and bodies and lives - just as they are.

Land of My Dreams

In 2019, protests broke out after the Indian government enacted the Citizenship Amendment Act, which overtly discriminates against Muslims. Nausheen Khan follows the women at the forefront of the resistance.