Youth Revive Mosul with Hope, Energy and Social Media


2018 Season

Mosul: a city in ruins, captured by IS for more than three years, is now facing new conflicts and a long, difficult way to overcome the aftermath. Hope can be found in the energies of Mosul's young population. The youth is removing rubble, helping internally displaced people return to their homes and reviving the burnt out library. This activism was not present before the IS occupation. The youth of Mosul also played a major role in gathering support for their city before the liberation. Activists, with the assistance of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR), managed to mobilize citizens via social media to demonstrate their support for the Moslawis. This culminated in 4 million 'Love letters to Mosul', airdropped on the city, a unique act that gained international recognition and served as a game changer for all the people of Iraq

Speakers: Duncan Furey (Middle East and North Africa director IWPR), Nabil Khoury(Program director IWPR Iraq).

Various participants