Why We Need More Than a Photograph to Change the World


2018 Season

What can photographs do, and what do we want them to do, in visualizing human rights issues? With a focus on purpose and impact, this discussion will consider how visual storytellers get the audience to engage with the important situations they witness and chronicle. Three photographers with an impressive record of documenting human rights issues around the world, including Human Rights Watch, will each highlight a story about photos for which they wanted to prompt action - from conflict in the Central African Republic, to abortion rights in Nepal, and the recent Rohingya refugee crisis in Burma. Photographs from these diverse stories, curated by World Press Photo in association with the photographers, will be exhibited in De Balie during the Human Rights Weekend. 

Speakers: Marcus Bleasdale (documentary photographer), Anastasia Taylor-Lind (journalist and photographer) and Tara Todras-Whitehill (documentary photographer and founder of Vignette Interactive).

Moderator: David Campbell (Director of Communications and Engagement at World Press Photo Foundation) 

Various participants