Tuko Macho


2016 Season

Is there a crime worthy of punishment by death? This question is asked by the interactive web series, Tuko Macho (meaning “We Are Watching” in Swahili), created and produced by The Nest Collective. The procedural crime thriller follows a series of kidnappings carried out by the titular vigilante cell. The Tuko Macho organization, run by the ruthless Biko, snatches up criminals from Nairobi streets and puts them on trial before the world's most powerful public court — the internet, whose anonymous viewership decide whether the offenders should live or die. Tuko Macho starts with a petty carjacker and proceeds to perpetrators of more complicated crimes, weaving an intricate web of moral questions examining current issues in Kenyan society. We will welcome our cinema audience to take part in that discussion with a screening of three selected episodes from the series and a panel discussion with its creators.

Please note that the festival's presentation of Tuko Macho is a special program featuring selected episodes from the web series and a panel discussion with the creators.

The Nest Collective
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The Nest Collective

The Nest Collective are a small army of thinkers, makers, and believers. They use film, visual arts, music, and fashion to dissect and subvert how Africans are seen and unseen, what they can and cannot do, where they can and cannot go, and what they can and cannot say.