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Russian artist Victoria (Vika) Lomasko’s work has always been political. However, as tensions in Russia rise and her new project on patriarchal violence evolves, Vika’s art has become even more essential... and dangerous.


For over a decade, internationally recognized graphic journalist Victoria (Vika) Lomasko has exposed truths about Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Her ambitious new work on the long reach of state-sponsored violence—from domestic violence to the crackdown on free speech—is particularly timely. As Putin launches a war against Ukraine and brands dissidents as "traitors, to spit out like flies," Vika faces increasing safety threats and must decide if a future in Russia is possible.

Tree of Violence is part of the series Draw for Change created by Vincent Coen & Guillaume Vandenberghe.

“This stellar combination of motion picture and animation tells the story of contemporary Russia—entrenched rights abuses and violence, lawlessness and impunity, and evisceration of civil society by a ruthless government—through the eyes of a brilliant graphic reporter. Tree of Violence is a work of art and a harrowing portrait of tyranny.”

- Tanya Lokshina, associate director, Europe and Central Asia Division, Human Rights Watch


Anna Moiseenko


Anna Moiseenko (she/her) is an award-winning filmmaker from Russia, currently based between France and Belgium. Her first documentary WINTER, GO AWAY! (2012) premiered at Locarno and received a number of prestigious awards, a.o. the Russian film critics award “Discovery of the Year,” Best Film (Textura Festival) and Best Debut (Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival). Her films S.P.A.R.T.A. (2013) and SONGS OF ABDUL (2017) were also well-received at international festivals and achieved wide theatrical release.

Hanne Phlypo


Hanne Phlypo is a Belgian producer. Her latest productions DRAW FOR CHANGE (2023), DREAMING WALLS: INSIDE THE CHELSEA HOTEL (2022) and BY THE NAME OF TANIA (2019) premiered at leading festivals and won multiple awards worldwide. Hanne trained as director at the Belgian film school INSAS. In 2010 she founded Clin d’oeil films and has since then produced over 30 films. The company focuses on creative documentaries and author-driven film with a clear preference for films with a social or political statement by innovative filmmakers. Today, Clin d’oeil films is one of Belgian’s most prominent documentary production companies, famous for cinematic films and local stories with a global impact. Hanne is an alumna of EAVE, Eurodoc and a member of the European Film Academy.

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