Taking Stock of Human Rights in Turkey


2018 Season

Since the failed coup in July 2016, the Turkish government has intensified its crackdown on its political opponents and critical voices in society. The government imposed a state of emergency and has dismissed over 110,000 state employees without due process and jailed over 50,000 people on terrorism charges. Those under investigation include journalists, members of parliament, and human rights defenders. Constitutional changes narrowly approved in an April 2017 referendum will further concentrate power in the hands of the country’s president. This panel will look at the state of human rights in Turkey in early 2018 and ask what can be done and by whom, including the European Union, to improve human rights protection in the country.

Speakers: Benjamin Ward (Deputy Director, Europe and Central Asia at Human Rights Watch), Kati Piri (Member of the European Parliament and EP Turkey rapporteur)

Moderator: Nienke Venema (Director Democracy and Media Foundation)

Various participants