Storm in the Andes


2015 Season

Josefin grew up in Sweden hearing a family myth about how her Peruvian aunt, Augusta, died in armed struggle for poor people in Peru. Augusta La Torre created the violent Maoist guerilla Sendero Luminoso or Shining Path, together with her husband Abimael Guzman. They initiated an internal war that lasted nearly 20 years and still profoundly marks Peru. Josefin defies her family and travels to Peru to find out the truth. In Peru Josefin meets Flor Gonzales. Her father was the leader of a successful peasant rebellion against the landlords in 1974. Now Flor is trying to find out what happened during her childhood and why her oldest brother was arrested and killed during the war that was started by Sendero Luminoso in 1980. Despite a disturbing conflict the two young women find common ground in a painful yet liberating search for the truth about the war and their disappeared family members in Lima and in the Andes.

Mikael Wiström
Country of Production: 
In English, Quechua and Spanish with English subtitles
Filmmaker Bio(s): 
Mikael Wistrom
Director, Writer, Co-Editor

Mikael Wiström is an internationally acclaimed documentary director from Sweden. On his credit list you will first of all find a trilogy of a Peruvian family consisting of THE OTHER SHORE (1992), COMPADRE (2004) and FAMILIA ( 2010). Mikael is also a stills photographer, writer and international lecturer on documentary film.