Before Snowfall


2014 Season
, London, Zurich

How far would you go to restore your family's honour? As the oldest son in his household, Siyar confronts that question with a vengeance after his older sister, Nermin, flees an arranged marriage, and he must atone for the slight. Siyar follows her from their small village in Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey. Meeting Evin, a young Kurdish girl dressed as a boy and working in the Istanbul streets, leads to the first cracks in Siyar's resolve. When Nermin escapes into Europe, Siyar follows her with Evin. He continues a search that will forever change his notions of loyalty, dignity, honour and love. With stunning imagery and gripping storytelling, Before Snowfall is a thought-provoking look at killing in the name of honour, at the intricate web of connections that sustain the brutal tradition, and the unbelievable lengths to which some will go to see it through.
Before Snowfall will be shown in Kurdish with German subtitles in Basel and Zurich.

Hisham Zaman
In Kurdish with German subtitles