2021 Season
Netherlands Premiere
Reunited is part of Human Rights Weekend 2021 Opening Night, co-presented by De Balie. This year’s opening night consists of the online screening of Reunited and an exclusive live program on Zoom. For more information, see below.
Film description:  Reunited is a story of love across borders, and the compromises a family must make when it is torn apart by circumstances beyond its control. When Rana and Muhkles are forced to flee the war in Syria in a desperate search for stable and secure futures for their family, they are separated from their children. Rana is in Denmark, Mukhles is in Canada, and their young sons Jad and Nidal, ages 11 and 17, are stuck alone in Turkey. Through small everyday moments captured on video calls and home movies, director Mia Jargil paints an intimate and loving portrait of a family in limbo, navigating frustrating twists and turns at the hands of Kafkaesque bureaucracies, combatting physical distance to retain familial bonds and connection.

Reunited… shed(s) light on a family's destiny in order to provide the debate with a human perspective and mobilize a common guard against intolerance.”
- Mia Jargil, director, Reunited 

Fully subtitled in English

Update: We offer the exclusive opportunity to already watch Reunited one day before the festival starts. The film will already be available to watch starting February 11th, to better accommodate attendees of the opening night of February 12nd at 20:30 CET. 

Watch this film at your own pace anytime between 1q-14 February 2021, or join us and watch-along before the live opening night program on Zoom on Friday February 12th:

19:00 (CET): Buy your free ticket and start watching Reunited.

20:20 (CET): Grab a quick snack and refill your beverage.

20:30-21:30 (CET): Join us for the live opening night program incl. film Q&A on Zoom. Click here to register.

The one-hour opening night program via Zoom includes the following speakers and provides the opportunity to ask your questions to all:

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This event is free of charge, but your kind donation to Human Rights Watch makes it possible for us to continue our work in protecting human rights around the world. Please consider donating the cost of your ticket via this link.


Mira Jargil
Country of Production: 
English, Arabic, Danish
Filmmaker Bio(s): 
Mira Jargil

Mira Jargil is known for the award winning festival hit: "The Time We Have", the series "Till Death Do Us Part", and the feature documentary “Dreaming of a Family”. Both films have each won a prize for best documentary at the prestigious Danish Film Awards (Robert). Her new film, Reunited, premieres at CPH:DOX in 2020. Mira Jargil owns the Danish, critically acclaimed production company, Moving Documentary, together with director Christian Sønderby Jepsen.