Practice or Preach: Protest Anno 2020


2020 Season

Climate strikes, yellow vests, #MeToo movements, Hong Kong student protests and hashtag revolutions. Everywhere around the world people go to the streets to stand up for their rights and beliefs.Even though the goals of these different movements are wide ranging, similarities can be found. Nonviolent mass movements are the primary challenges to governments today. Yet the success rates declined dramatically over the past decades. What makes or breaks a mass movement? Can we expect a turnaround in these success rates in 2020? Together with happyChaos you will dive into this topic through an interactive program: a dialogue between generations, (ex-)activists, experts, artists and clicktivists. Where they stood, where they stand and where you stand in 2020.

Confirmed speakers: 

•Lennart Tiller (Extinction Rebellion)

•Devika Partiman (Stem op een Vrouw)

•Yaqui Wang (China Researcher at Human Rights Watch)