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"Is the reason we have a system that doesn't recognise other people's suffering because we can keep it at a distance?"—Margreth Olin

In this compelling documentary, filmmaker Margreth Olin follows a number of boys from Salhus, a Norwegian centre offering temporary residence to unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. We get to know Goli who now lives back in Kurdistan after being deported from Norway the day after he turned 18. We follow him as he embarks on his journey back to country where he was given safe haven. We meet brothers Hassan and Hussein from Afghanistan. Traumatised by what they have witnessed in Afghanistan, Hussein is completely dependent on his brother as well as the support they receive from the Norwegian state. While all the boys at Salhus hope for an extension of their asylum status, the threat of deportation when they turn 18—and uncertain futures in Afghanistan, Iraq, or other war-torn countries—hangs over all their heads. A visceral and provocative film, Nowhere Home scrutinises one of Europe's major moral dilemmas.