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Nic, Leo, Andrea and Raff are four trans masculine friends from Italy on a journey of self-discovery as they seek to determine their own gender identities while together dealing with society’s imposed physical, legal, and social boundaries, and the labyrinthine process of navigating the medical system.



Executive produced by Elliot Page, Nicolò Bassetti's tender documentary is a love letter to his son who, like the protagonists in Into My Name, is a transgender person. This sensitive and beautiful coming-of-age story follows four friends navigating their lived experiences and relationships, sharing important turning points in their lives and gender transitions. Despite living in different areas in Italy and coming from different backgrounds, they connect through conversations about pronouns, hormone therapy, surgery, and their relationships with their partners—while confronting societal norms, oppressive gender binaries, and legal obstacles that threaten their human rights. In recording these honest and intimate experiences, this film provides a space for trans masculine people to define their identities on their own terms.

“What stands out to me about Into My Name [Nel Mio Nome] is the way it so artfully and intentionally presents all the different pieces that make up a person’s identity…. It’s a meditation on trans humanity and I’ve never seen another film like it.”  
- Elliot Page, executive producer, Into My Name 



Nicolò Bassetti


Nicolò Bassetti was born in Milan on 22nd August 1961. Creator of SacroGra, a urban narrative project. Author of the book Sacro romano Gra, published by Quodlibet in Italy (2013) and La Fosse aux Ours in France (2015). From his original idea and two years' work with filmmaker Gianfranco Rosi, came the documentary film Sacro GRA that won the Golden Lion at the 70th Venice International Film Festival. Bassetti made his directorial debut with the independent documentary film Magnifiche Sorti - Quadri da una Esposizione Universale (Magnificent Fortunes - Portraits from a World’s Fair). The film tells the stories of people who are forced to deal, against their will, with a mysterious, new place: the last World’s Fair, Expo 2015, a colossal spaceship that landed in the middle of a suburb. Landscape expert and urban explorer, Bassetti has always been involved in topics such as the identity and memory of places. Among other projects, he worked in the Ruhr valley shortly after the reunification of the two Germanies and at Italsider in Bagnoli (Naples) where, in the abandoned area between the chimneys and the sea, he created and curated the Neapolis Rock Festival.