Insha'Allah Democracy


2018 Season

“What I’ve learned through making Insha’Allah Democracy is that participation in the democratic process is critical to reforming it. Walls and bans won't defeat terrorism, but finding our own democratic voice will.” - Mohammed Naqvi, Director, Insha’Allah Democracy

Filmmaker Mo Naqvi will vote for the first time during Pakistan's elections. But Mo has a tough choice: vote for religious hardliners or for the secular liberal leader, Pervez Musharraf, who happens to be a former military dictator. With exclusive access to Musharraf, one of the world’s most polarizing leaders, Naqvi uses humor, self-reflection, and insight to chronicle one voter's journey to find out if democracy is achievable in a country undergoing political and religious upheaval.

Mohammed Naqvi
English, Urdu
Filmmaker Bio(s): 
Mohammed Naqvi

Mohammed Ali Naqvi (Mo) is an internationally celebrated filmmaker, whose work has won over forty prestigious awards and honors, including a Special Emmy, two Amnesty International Human Rights Awards, and a Grand Prix from the United Nations Association Festival. He has been nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, a Cinema Eye Honor, and the UNESCO-FELLINI Prize. He is also an alumnus of top festivals including Toronto, Sundance, Tribeca, Berlin, and Busan, and an American Film Institute and National Endowment of the Arts Fellow.