The Forgotten Billion: Giving Voice to People with Disabilities


2018 Season

Worldwide more than one billion people have a disability – 1 in 7 – and they are one of the most invisible and marginalized populations in the world. People with disabilities are often denied access to education, health care, humanitarian assistance and other basic services. In many countries, they are subjected to violence and discrimination and are often deprived of their right to live independently. Some are even kept in chains. Many of these human rights abuses are a result of entrenched stigma and a lack of essential community-based services. We will discuss the isolation and neglect of people with disabilities around the world and here in the Netherlands, and the cutting-edge work being done to address these problems and bring people with disabilities out of the shadows.

Speakers: Shantha Rau Barriga (Disability Rights Director at Human Rights Watch), José Smits (Director Center for Facilitative Communication) and Nujeen Mustafa

Moderator: Tim Wagemakers (Editor at De Balie)

Various participants