Esta Todo Bien (It's All Good)


2019 Season
Geneva, London, New York, San Diego

”A country's collapse is dramatic and in hindsight seems inevitable, but when it's experienced gradually, on a day-by-day basis, it can almost pass unnoticed, like looking in the mirror each morning and not seeing how you age.” - Tuki Jencquel, Director, Está Todo Bien

Venezuela is a country rich in natural resources that for decades has prided itself on having one of the best public health systems in the entire region. Today, the near-total collapse of Venezuela’s health system is resulting in severe medicine shortages, a dramatic increase in infant mortality, the reappearance of once-eradicated diseases like diphtheria, and a mass exodus of doctors to hospitals overseas. In Está Todo Bien, Caracas-born Tuki Jencquel asks a pharmacist, trauma surgeon, activist and two patients to confront the same questions millions of Venezuelans are facing: protest or acquiesce, emigrate or remain, lose all hope or hang onto faith? 


Tuki Jencquel
Country of Production: 
Venezuela and Germany
Spanish, fully subtitled in English
Filmmaker Bio(s): 
Tuki Jencquel

Born in Caracas, Tuki Jencquel holds a bachelor’s degree in Film and TV from NYU, Tisch School of the Arts and an MBA from IESA, Venezuela. He is director of two short films and one medium-length documentary, Sin Ti Contigo, which won the “Premio Feisal“ at Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara in 2011. He worked as 1st AD on Secrets of the Tribe by Jose Padilha, and for many years worked as Assistant Director in film and advertising. His first feature documentary Está Todo Bien premiered at Sheffield Doc/Fest and was part of IDFA Best of Fests section in 2018. He’s currently working on his next documentary, an intimate portrait of his mother, who is famous in France for her fight to legalize assisted suicide.


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