Discussion: Living in the shadows: People with albinism in Tanzania


2019 Season

People with albinism in parts of Africa continue to live under the threat of horrific violence or death due to myths that the organs and limbs of people with albinism bring prosperity. Children with albinism not only live in fear of attack, but they also are often segregated from society, sent to live in temporary shelters, separated from their families and communities.

They are hunted, dismembered, or murdered by individuals who sell those body parts for thousands of dollars to witch doctors. These children are consistently denied their basic human rights, including their right to a safe and inclusive education with other children.

Liliane Foundation, Human Rights Watch, and our local partners are working to remove these barriers in Tanzania and Mozambique, thanks to the generous support of the Dutch postcode lottery.


Discussion featuring: 

Sacha de Boer, photographer, Jonathan Pedneault, Researcher, Emergencies Division at Human Rights Watch, Tim Wagemakers, De Balie, Grace Rububula, Project Manager ALINC at Karagwe Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes and Lisa Luchtenberg, Chair of Oogvereniging Albinisme, a Dutch patient group for people with albinism.




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