East Africa Digital Edition


A young looking Black woman in a yellow dress and purple & white braids wrapped on top of her head stands in front of doors with glass panes, looking to her side. She is wearing a large gold necklace and long gold earrings.

Wearing a hidden camera, Grace takes us into an underground world, where she spent six months paying a ‘debt’ to a cartel of madams and exposes a larger well-established network responsible for trafficking women from East and West Africa to India.

Nyasha Kadandara
2019 / 52m
Nov 9/12


A side shot of Maxima Acuna, an indigenous Peruvian, middle-aged woman stands in traditional shawl, skirt and large-brimmed hat looking to her right. There are mountains and green land behind her.

Faced with intimidation, violence, and criminal prosecution, we follow Máxima’s tireless fight against a gold-mining operation looking to seize her land and destroy environmental resources her community relies on.

Claudia Sparrow
2019 / 88m
Nov 9/11


A shadowy image taken at night, backlight by a car's headlamps. Two men are in combat gear with guns and helmets speaking to a young person in tshirt and shorts.

In 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte announced a “war on drugs” in the Philippines, launching a wave of violence and murder targeting thousands of suspected drug dealers and users.

James Jones and Olivier Sarbil
2019 / 72m
Nov 9


A young, white person with glasses and short dark hair sits on a train/bus looking up to their right. A computer-generated mask is on a 2nd person with glasses, who is leaning their head on the 1st person's right-hand side.

This beautifully crafted, poetic documentary joins brave young people as they seek to re-appropriate their bodies and explore their identities, revealing both the limits of binary visions of sex and gender, and the irreversible physical and psychological impact of non-consensual surgeries on intersex infants.

Floriane Devigne
2018 / 58m
Nov 9/10

United States

Gather Film Still - A young Native American girl bending over and an older Native American woman on her knees in a field of yellow plants, both looking down towards the ground.

Gather celebrates the fruits of the indigenous food sovereignty movement, profiling innovative changemakers in Native American tribes across North America reclaiming their identities after centuries of physical and cultural genocide.

Sanjay Rawal
2020 / 74m
Nov 9/13