In the Shadow of the Sun


2013 Season
London, New York

"One of the many things we have had to learn is to live in danger."—Josephat Torner

Filmed over six years ’In The Shadow Of The Sun’ tells the story of two albino men as they attempt to follow their dreams in the face of prejudice and fear in Tanzania. Against the backdrop of an escalation in brutal murders of people with albinism, quietly determined 15-year-old Vedastus still dreams of completing his education. Josephat Torner has dedicated his life to campaigning against the discrimination of his people and decides to leave home and travel to confront the communities who may be hiding the murderers. If they want to achieve their aims, Josephat and Vedastus will have to overcome not only other people's prejudice, but also their own fears - because the murderers could always be waiting just around the next corner. Rationality is Josephat's shield: "We can't be refugees in our own country just because of our color."

Through an intimate portrait of Vedastus and Josephat, director Harry Freeland reveals a story of deep-rooted superstition, suffering and incredible strength.

Harry Freeland