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30 October - 2 November 2014


Screenings, October 30–November 2, 2014

(Sneak Preview)
Filmmaker(s): Alessandra Zeka and Holen Sabrina Kahn
Year: 2014 / 65m
October 31

At a public hospital in Nicaragua, OBGYN Dr. Carla Cerrato must choose between following a law that bans all abortions and endangers her patients or taking a risk and providing the care that she knows can save a woman's life.

Filmmaker(s): Various filmmakers
Year: 2014 / 90m
November 1

Abounaddara is a collective of filmmakers working towards providing an alternative image of Syrian society. It was founded in 2010 in opposition to the prevailing representations of Syria found in the Western media.

Filmmaker(s): Hisham Zaman
Year: 2013 / 105m
November 2

How far would you go to restore your family's honour? As the oldest son in his household, Siyar confronts that question with a vengeance after his older sister, Nermin, flees an arranged marriage, and he must atone for the slight.

Filmmaker(s): Errol Morris
Year: 2013 / 103m
November 2

Former United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, discusses his career in Washington D.C. from his days as a congressman in the early 1960s to planning the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Filmmaker(s): Edet Belzberg
Year: 2014 / 114m
October 30

Watchers of the Sky interweaves five stories of remarkable courage, compassion, and determination, while setting out to uncover the forgotten life of Raphael Lemkin—the man who created the word "genocide" and believed the law could protect the world from mass atrocities.