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San Diego

January 22 to 25 2015

at the Museum of Photographic Arts



Film Festival, January 22–25, 2015

Filmmaker(s): Sandrine Orabona and Mark Herzog
Year: 2014 / 90m
January 23

Former US Navy SEAL Chris Beck embarks on a new mission as Kristin Beck. Kristin's journey in search of the American ideals that she protected: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have a whole new meaning as she lives her life truthfully as a transgender woman.

Filmmaker(s): blair dorosh-walther
Year: 2014 / 74m
January 24

One hot August night in 2006, in New York's Greenwich Village, a group of young African-American lesbian friends are violently and sexually threatened by an older man. Out in the Night uncovers how their lives leading up to that night compelled these young women to defend themselves. Through this act, and their audacity to claim innocence in the courtroom, these young women became known as The New Jersey 4.

Filmmaker(s): Cynthia Hill
Year: 2013 / 81m
January 24

Private Violence explores a simple but deeply disturbing fact of American life: the most dangerous place for a woman in America is her own home.

Filmmaker(s): Talal Derki
Year: 2013 / 87m
January 25

Filmed between August 2011 and August 2013, Return to Homs is a remarkably intimate portrait of a group of young revolutionaries in the city of Homs in western Syria. They dream of their country being free from President Bashar al-Assad and fight for justice through peaceful demonstrations.

Filmmaker(s): Berit Madsen
Year: 2013 / 88m
January 22

Sepideh is a young Iranian woman who dares to dream—of a future as an astronaut.

Filmmaker(s): Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly
Year: 2014 / 89m
January 25

The Homestretch follows three homeless teens in Chicago as they fight to stay in school, graduate, and build a future.