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Which Way is the Frontline From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington

Photojournalist and filmmaker Tim Hetherington was always searching for the humanity within armed conflict, as evidenced in his award-winning body of work. When he and author and documentarian Sebastian Junger spent a year filming a platoon of US soldiers in Afghanistan in their Academy Award–nominated film Restrepo, they weren't... » simply looking for action; they also chose to focus on the many small moments that make war human. Hetherington's footage of time he spent with rebel forces during Liberia's civil war and in Libya prior to his tragic death from a mortar blast in 2011 conveys a rare sense of intimacy that contrasts sharply with the violence around him. Although he spent most of his time traveling to the center of war zones, Hetherington was seeking the truth, rather than adventure. That is his enduring gift. (Image courtesy of HBO Documentary Films)

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Tim Hetherington was a brilliant photographer and filmmaker who covered many of the world's most critical human rights stories. He had an extraordinary gift for documenting the human stories behind the headlines. Hetherington worked with Human Rights Watch on numerous assignments over the years, including in Darfur, Chad, and Sri Lanka. In every assignment, he demonstrated a remarkable tenderness towards his subjects, a deep insight into their human ordeals, and a vivid sense of how visual imagery could be used to affect social change. Hetherington was one of the first photojournalists Human Rights Watch assigned in the field and his enormous credibility helped to establish the organization as a legitimate partner in the photography world. To honor Hetherington's life and work, Human Rights Watch and World Press Photo established an annual visual journalism grant in his name that focuses on human rights.