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Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Léa Pool's critical, investigative documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. begins on a sunny day in San Francisco as thousands of people prepare for a gruelling two-day walk to raise money for a cure for breast cancer. As the film explores the history of breast cancer, corporate fundraising, and the presen­tation of breast cancer campaigns in the media, each return to the run makes the effort seem more problematic. Pink Ribbons, Inc. focuses on the increased involvement of corporations in fundraising campaigns—which goes as far as outright ownership in some cases—and the impact it has had on breast cancer 'culture' and media messages about women with breast cancer. The undue emphasis on awareness and the search for a cure has skewed the types of research being done, and many campaigns to raise money have done more for the companies than for the cause. Many corporations involved in breast cancer campaigns also market products containing carcinogens. Fuelled by informative and often chilling interviews with activists, patients, and writers, Pink Ribbons, Inc. is an incendiary exposé of one of the most well-known examples of 'cause marketing.'

Human Rights Watch works to bring accountability to women's health care by calling attention to situations in which women's deaths are not just unfortunate tragedies but reflections of systemic government failings that jeopardize women's health and lives. In three recent reports, Human Rights Watch documented the rights violations that contribute to the startlingly high number of women who die in childbirth in India, South Africa, and post-earthquake Haiti.